VVMBA Adopt-a-Trail Program

The VVMBA, alongside the USFS, has launched the Eagle County Adopt a Trail program, a way that local organizations can help maintain and monitor local trails. 

Learn about the initial partnership and fundraising drive for the Adopt a Trail and Adopt a Ranger Program

Thank you to all of the Adopters! Please consider supporting these local organizations that are volunteering time to maintain soft surface trails in our community. 


Adopt a Trail Donors

Thank you to all of our donors who took this program from idea to reality in under 2 months! Please consider supporting these local businesses and give thanks to the organizations and people listed if you bump into them on the trail.

adopt donors


Adopt a Trail Program Managers


Jordon Duvall, Adopt a Trail USFS Ranger – Bio coming soon

Michelle Wolffe, Adopt a Trail Coordinator, has been living in Eagle County for 18 years and calls this her dream job.  Until now, she has been working as a X-ray and MRI technologist.  She was proud to say that she was the first ever registered MRI technologist in the Vail Valley.  She has worked at Vail Valley Medical Center for 10 years, but then moved on to create and run an MRI department for Weiss Medical Associates for 6 years.  Most recently, she has been picking up shifts at Vail Summit Orthopaedics locally while also commuting to Denver to cover shifts with Health Images. She became involved with VVMBA over 3 years ago when she saw them working on the trails at the West Avon Preserve.  Michelle said, “I was so excited to see these amazing trails literally being created in my backyard, that I knew I had to get involved.”   Since then, she has been an active board member focusing mostly on event planning, but has stepped down so she can focus on the Adopt-A-Trail program..  Michelle concluded, “I believe this program will offer the USFS some much needed assistance and give our community the opportunity to get involved with these great trails!”