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Short History of Mountain Biking

Mountain biking 101 is an off-road bicycle riding sport. The terrain is often rough on which specially designed mountain bikes are used. One of the first bikes modified for this off-road terrain is the expedition of Buffalo Soldiers in August 1896.

The sport itself originates from California on Marin County’s Mount Tamalpais. Road bicycle companies started manufacturing mountain bicycles with high-tech lightweight materials in the early 1980s and late 1970s.

There is also a welder Tom Ritchey who also made a mark in the history of the mountain bike. He used his skills in frame building to building original bikes. The first-ever mountain biking to be played was in the late 1970s. However, it is open to debate.

Short History of Mountain Biking

Techniques and Basics (Mountain Biking 101)

Are you new to mountain biking 101 magazines? Well, there are a few basics you need to know before you officially hit the roads. We call this magazine mountain biking 101. Here is a list of five things every mountain biker most know.

  • Stay loose, don’t stiffen up your body because your job is to do the bike over technical terrain
  • It’s going to feel counterintuitive, but maintain momentum, even speeding up helps
  • You’re going to be hitting a tricky ground with steep decline and incline, so learn to shift your weight accordingly
  • Go easy on the brakes as you’d be tempted to use them all the time
  • Lastly, be sure to use the gear.

How to Choose Your Next Bike

When going through magazines to choose your next bike, there are unique features you are to keep an eye out. These unique features provide durability and performance in rough terrain. Here are three main elements according to magazines in mountain biking 101 you shouldn’t miss when choosing your next bike.

  • Suspension

Practically, in mountain biking 101, all modern bikes come with a suspension, and it’s tires are usually between 26 inches to 29 inches in diameter. Also, go for a raising or a flat handlebar, which gives you more control.

  • Brakes

In mountain biking 101, go for a mountain bike that has a hydraulic disk brake as it’s stronger than the regular brakes. A mountain bike with smaller rims and low ratio gear helps the rider maneuver steep hills and obstacles easily.

  • Pedal

Funnily enough, in mountain biking 101, you also need to check out the Pedal of the bike you want to choose. There is a special kind of shoes used by mountain bikers in mountain biking, which gives them a better grip on the Pedal.

Mountain Bike Types

  1. Trail

The trail bike is a type of mountain bike similar to cross country bike built exclusively for bikers who ride mostly at trial centers. These bikes are about 11-15kg. The best part about these bikes is that they can handle tougher terrain than the cross country bike.

  1. Hardcore Hardtail

The hardcore hardtail is a type of mountain bike that pushes you to your limit and allows you to refine your skills. They are easier to handle, and it’s fatter tyres helps give the bike better traction on the trail.

  1. Singlespeed

A single-speed mountain bike is much more comfortable to ride. It gives it’s rider the ability to focus on enjoying the ride and not on shifting gears. They require little or no maintenance because there are few moving parts on the bike.

  1. Cross-country Race

As the name implies, they are used primarily for cross country racing. In cross country, the biker would need to climb more and need more endurance and speed. So these bikes were constructed with full suspension and lightweight aluminum frames.

  1. Fat bike

This bike comes with a lot of advantages, and one of the hidden benefits of this bike is that by running the tyre pressure low, the likelihood of having a pinch flat is low. Since you’d be writing on though terrains, things is an ever-present threat. But this bike helps make this threat a thing of the past.

  1. Downhill

This bike has more suspension. They have about 8 inches of suspension or more at both front and rear travel. The bike is made out of durable carbon fiber, approximately 18kg in weight.

  1. Enduro

This bike is a combination of cross country and freerides bikes. It weighs between 13kg to 16kg and features an excellent suspension level of 6 to 7 inches.

  1. Dirt Jump

This mountain bike is built with a sturdy frame and 4 to the 6-inch front suspension and 3 to 4 inches of the rear suspension. The bike comes with nine gears.

Vail Valley Mountain Bike Association

VVMBA is a chapter of IMBA, an organization and magazine whose mission is to establish Eagle Country as a global and premier mountain biking destination. This association is a collection of mountain bikers passionate about riding. Joining the VVMBA magazine is a fun way to explore some extreme off-road terrain.

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Competitive Cycling and Upcoming Events