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Guide for Betting on Cycling

Cycling is gaining popularity, and it is gaining it fast that it has also spread to betting sites. If you want to understand how to betting sites on cycling works, you need to know some basics. Here are some must-know tips about betting sites on cycling that would help you when betting.

  • Understanding the odds

You should follow the odds, so you know when the odds set by the betting sites are against you. When you understand the odds of casino games, be it slot games, blackjack games, roulette games, video poker, etc. would also help you place a bet on what you intend.

  • Types of cycling bets

Betting sites offer different types of cycling bets. It’s left to you to decide which type of bet you want to place. Always make sure you understand the risk of the kind of cycling bet you’re putting a wager on.

  • Popular events to bet on

Placing a bet on cycling event that’s on trends offered by betting sites is also another sure way of staying ahead in the game. Because the event is popular, lots of blogs would be covering the event, so you may not be present at the event, but you would be getting all the needed updates.

  • In-play cycling betting

If you’re a pro in sports betting, especially cycling, placing a bet in-play can significantly help you reduce the risk of losing the bet. Cycling betting sites also offer this feature, which makes the game more intriguing. When the game has started already, from the statistics of the gameplay, you can get an idea of what the end would be like.

  • Research the history

Do a little research about the history of a rider before placing a real money bet on the rider. Check for the number of successful wins the rider has. Check whether he or she has any recent injuries. Try to stay up to date with everything happening to your preferred rider.

  • Have a strategy

Do not just place a bet because you feel like or your gut tells you to have a strategy you follow. It may be that you want the game to start before you place a bet, or it could be you prefer betting on a particular type of cycling racing. Whatever it may be, always make sure you stick to a betting strategy you’re comfortable with.

  • Use the online casino bonuses

Lastly, don’t forget to use the casino bonuses to increase your wins. Most casinos offer new players welcome bonuses to entice them.

Major cycling events like Giro d’ Italia and Tour de France are ideal for cycling enthusiasts who want to place wagers. If you’re a true fan, following the tournament on television and online suddenly has a different flare when you have a ticket riding on your team or cyclist. These events are perfect for that because they are featured at the best online casinos with integrated sportsbooks. Events of lesser stature may include cyclists whose form might not be subject to media coverage. Hence, it helps to do a bit of research so you can bet on proven athletes.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites

  • BetNow

They are one of the best real money online sports betting sites with numerous payout and deposit options. They offer players with a 50% welcome bonus of up to $1000 on the first deposit.

  • MyBookie

This online casino offers a lot of real money bonuses and regular tournaments like unique Kentucky Derby wagers, March Madness bracket, and many more. They offer players a 100% sign up bonus of up to $300.


This casino offers bonuses on almost all player’s deposits. They have enticing odds and also offer a 50% welcome bonus of up to $1000 on at least $25 deposit.

  • Bovada

They are one of the more popular sites known for their tons of betting options they offer bettors. This betting site instantly rewards new players with a 50% welcome bonus of up to $250, which can only be redeemed on first deposit.

  • BetOnline

This casino offers a list of sports, leagues, betting options, enticing odds, and many more. They welcome new players with an enticing 100% poker sign up bonus of up to $2500

  • XBet

Operated by the same company operating MyBookie. There’s also an enticing $300 sign up bonus to welcome new players.