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Each of the modalities of cycling is governed by its particular basic rules, both in what is inside the asphalt and outside it. Each competition has its history, its own rules, and its tests with its corresponding stages. Although it is true that each type of cycling has its own classification :
Competition cycling: road, mountain, road, trial, etc.
Recreational cycling: bicycle touring

Urban cycling

This classification, as we verify, depends on the competitive framework in question. So if you want to know what are the types of cycling and their characteristics, then you will find all the information corresponding to each of them.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling, or also called indoor cycling, becomes a training program on a bicycle with established characteristics, also having background music.

For this, each bicycle has an adjustable firmness, which adjusts to the needs and level of preparation of each individual. This class is taught by an instructor who, at the same time, conducts and displays it with objectives, technique together with previously established intensity, but without forgetting her charisma and the respective professional care for her students.

This program was created in 1987 by the American professor and cyclist Johnny Goldberg Spinner. This type of cycling consists especially in the training of the lower train. To obtain the care of the lower train and also the protection of its joints, you must: align the spine, have a knee and ankle placed in function of the other, feet parallel to the ground and very firm, prevent skating and do not shorten the angle of the Recommended knee as healthy, primarily.

RPM Cycling

RPM is known as a spinning variant that consists of performing choreographed routines to the rhythm of particular music. This way of practicing indoor cycling has the advantage of providing the student with a relatively intense training system but in a fun and simple way. Sessions can last up to 50 minutes, in which 400 to 600 calories are lost. An RPM class should always start and end with a gentle rhythm, concentrating the greatest intensity of the exercises in the middle of the routine.

Road Cycling: Cmpetition on the Road

The road race is also known as road cycling, precisely because it develops on this surface.
The road race becomes a very demanding sport. But it should not be confused with bicycle touring, despite the occasional racing. The road race includes the following tests:
One-day online test: tests of this type that are the most renowned are called classic. Within them stand out those known as “cycling monuments.”
Stage test: this test is disputed in a minimum of two days with a time classification. Online and time trial stages are available. Stand out in this test Tour of Spain, Tour of Italy and the most popular of all the.