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Do you plan to ride a mountain bike or a road bike? Besides a good motorcycle, right tires, and good wheels, other items are essential to have. Here are 15 things you should think about getting before you start your season to get a complete set of cycling equipment.

What you need for complete cycling equipment:

  1. Head protection

As you can imagine, having a helmet on a road or mountain bike is of paramount importance nowadays. And we can’t say it enough. There are several cycling-related deaths each year for both children and adults, although in some cases, cyclists were wearing a helmet at the time of the fall.

Although having a helmet at the time of a fall is not a 100% guarantee of protection, you will be pleased to have it if one day you fall. Take the time to choose your own. Find a comfortable model that is specific to your driving style. Do you know the new technology that the majority of helmet manufacturers like MIPS? This dramatically reduces the risk of concussions in the event of a fall or accident while cycling.

  1. Body protection

Mountain biking is a sport that can involve specific risks. Be aware that the necessary protection is related to the type of bike you are riding.

The more extreme the conditions, the higher the protection. However, it should be noted that the latter has evolved considerably in recent years. They are now much more flexible and comfortable than before.

So take a moment to evaluate your practice, and you will know if, for example, it would be nice to have plastrons and leggings in your equipment. If you want to practice the bike for a long time and stay in one piece, it’s a great idea to ask yourself the question! They will protect your body and may even save your life in the event of a severe fall. Think about it!

  1. Glasses

Sunglasses or protective eyewear are essential when cycling in daylight. The latter will indeed act against the UV rays and reflections of the sun. However, they will also protect your eyes from airborne debris that could damage your vision. A tiny rock can quickly cause vision problems or irreparable damage to your eyes.

What’s more, if you’ve already ridden along the edge of a watercourse by bike, you know that clouds of small insects can be very problematic by bike!

  1. Protective gloves

Complete cycling equipment also includes the use of several pairs of gloves. Gloves are usually used to cushion the impact and protect the hands. On the other hand, when it is warmer, some of them are made of a fabric that can absorb heat from the front.

Finally, if you are a true sportsman and like to go on winter outings by bike, a good pair of warm gloves is an investment! Choose quality gloves that will be warm and will let your hands breathe.

  1. Accessories to be visible

It is essential to remain visible when walking by bike. Just like the helmet that protects our heads, the headlights and lights make us visible to other road users, both during the day and in the evening. It is no longer enough to worry about being noticed by others when it is dark. It only takes the wrong maneuvers or a wrong blind spot for an accident to occur.

In mountain biking, the use of such light also brings its share of benefits! You will notice that adrenaline is entirely different when your field of vision is illuminated by a powerful light beam like that provided by the light & Motion models.

  1. Emergency kit

Of course, it is better to have a tool kit on hand at all times. After all, you never know when you’ll need it, do you?

A good kit should contain tools, repair parts, hexagonal keys, and some other essential items that could be very useful in case of a puncture. This will save you from being stuck somewhere or having to walk several kilometers in case of problems.

  1. Bicycle shorts

If you ride a road bike:

The custards are very important to avoid friction between the clothing and skin of the pelvic region. This type of clothing is specially designed for cyclists with lightweight materials that dry very quickly. Also, the interior of a road bike thigh is designed with a foam thickness to ensure absolute comfort. A popular element among cyclists who enjoy long cycling tours.

If you are mountain biking:

In addition to the custards port, bike shorts are also a possible option if you do more mountain biking. Some people prefer them to thighs for aesthetic appearance, but be aware that both options are similar in terms of comfort.

  1. Shoes

To choose the right shoes for cycling, you must inevitably go there, depending on the type of pedal you have on your bike. There are two options: automatic clamp shoes (clip shoes) or the regular option that acts like a standard shoe.

If your bike is equipped with clip pedals, you will need bike shoes that adjust precisely to the pedal and offer excellent power transfer. This allows you to push from one leg and pull from the other at the same time to achieve greater efficiency. For example, a simple pedal kick can affect your performance and speed.

Also, choosing clip pedals will allow you to stabilize your foot with each movement. So no chance for your foot to slip off the pedal on a mountain bike!

Bike safety

It is surprising to see bicycles sometimes costly on the street as its owner went into a store to make a quick run. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, you have to get into the habit of locking your bike. Know that there is a multitude of Padlock choices depending on your need and level of protection.