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Many people seek and find ways to train MTB or Mountainbike and, at the same time, become a real-world getaway to experience hills, trails, and nature on the two wheels of the mountain bike. If we try to train MTB or Mountainbike, we will realize that the mountain always has something to offer.

All those who already enjoy it do not hesitate to invite others to do so: it offers thousands and thousands of lessons that we can apply to our day to day, related to effort and restlessness and, at the same time, we will live a liberation of addictive adrenaline Although we have to keep in mind that if we start to question how to train MTB or Mountainbike, it is a decision that we must think carefully.

It is an expensive sport or hobby for more than the average population, due to all the materials we need to be able to carry out the activity without any risk to us. Nor do we lose sight of the fact that training MTB or Mountainbike is a very sacrificed activity, so you may start training but, after a while, you realize that it is not for you. We will have to sacrifice some things to follow effective training and avoid serious injuries, and that can turn a hobby into something dangerous. Another thing that we should be clear about is food: A person who wants to start training MTB or Mountainbike must understand that it is a sport that asks our body a lot, to which we refer to energy. If we want to use it as a means to lose weight, it is vital to stay fully hydrated and fed at all times, that is, never to perform this sport on an empty stomach.

A good thing about this sport is that it allows us to know places in a unique way and throughout the year, so we can go to visit the same place during the different seasons of the year and check their changes. It also gives us the opportunity to become a methodical person and with some control in our actions, more than we could have, since organizing the route what we are going to do with our bicycle, look at the weather, work our social skills with whom we meet, etc., are things that help us train MTB or Mountainbike.

Imagine you already learned to ride a bike. Once you know, pay attention to everything we tell you next. What do you need to train MTB or Mountainbike – Tables, Tips, and Tricks? The first thing we need is to choose a mountain bike that suits our needs and our level of MTB or Mountainbike training: these bikes can be rigid, semi-rigid, or double suspension. A helmet: this should fit perfectly with the size of our head, without any oscillation, and, once adjusted, one or two fingers should stay above the forehead. Specific clothing for this type of sport: the best choice is the jersey and culotte set, with a good ventilation quality (something very important).

An emergency kit for possible failures or problems that we may suffer from our bicycle, such as a flat tire. A first aid kit; We are going to do a sport that involves mountains and a certain speed, so it is possible that we suffer some scratch or fall, and it is important that we go with material to heal some wound momentarily. Apart from all this, we can include in our sports equipment: gloves, a jacket to perform our sport in winter, a camera to record our experiences, etc.

Instructions for Training MTB or Mountainbike – Tables, Tips, and Tricks

Before starting to train MTB or Mountainbike, it is necessary that we train our body and our body in a basic way so that we can enjoy the activity in a better way. We will begin to achieve an improvement in our body through effective training, rather directed to our legs, that involves a certain level of stress for our heart: for example, running great distances at a constant speed. Followed by what is known as “intensity of effort” , we should know that it is estimated that the intensity at which we should be training, prior to performing our MTB or Mountainbike training, should be 60-65% of our maximum frequency heart. We should only be below this percentage during active recovery.

Then, it is time to improve our physical condition by increasing the duration and intensity of our workouts: this can be achieved through more specific routines and plans in which we must train both our lower and upper train to gain strength in both. We must vary and combine our workouts: we have to work both at the physiological level of our body and at the psychological level since both levels of our body need to be in harmony to achieve better results. We should not always do the same routes or intensities when training our body, since we cause our body to adapt and not improve; so the idea is to include new routes and stimuli to work both levels progressively Then it will be time to do a more specific training for the muscles that we see that we work more during our walks. We can do it by swimming or running, but riding a bike is how we will work those muscles.

Finally, it is good that we work periods of load and recovery during our workouts, so we will get our body to adapt to those moments in which, while we are on the mountain, we are exercising and make stops to enjoy the landscape where we are.

It is important, and first of all, enjoy this sport. Whether you do it as a competition or as a hobby, never forget to enjoy everything you do every time you go out with your bike. Be aware of the weather according to the area where we will go out to enjoy this sport to avoid any evil. You must be constant and patient; that is, whether you train MTB or Mountainbike to compete or just to go out and enjoy nature, your body is at its own pace and needs to be given time to adapt to such a hard sport. Be responsible for the routes you choose and with the decisions you make during these. Choose routes adapted to your current physical moment and do not force yourself too much, since you can suffer an injury and even lose interest in such a beautiful sport.

Never go out alone! We know that it is good to go out and enjoy time alone, but it is good to practice this type of sport in the company., but a company that shares sacrifice, patience, and love for MTB or Mountainbike like you. Take care of the material: keep in mind that it is a relatively expensive sport, so the best thing you can do is take care of all the material you have to have to spend the indispensable only. Also pay attention to those who have spent more time than you in this sport, and learn; Never stop learning from those who know, since there is always a route, a way to take care of the material, a way to increase our performance, etc., which we can add to our day today.