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2017 Spring Trail Closure Information – Updates

Every spring in the Holy Cross Ranger District of the White River National Forest, there are several trail closures that may alter bikers’ plans.

The closures are there for the protection of wildlife during the sensitive birthing period and to protect soils, vegetation, watershed and fisheries during the mud season. We ask that you respect the following closures out of concern for our natural environment. These closures are for all recreation activities including foot, horse and bicycle travel.

Dates for Spring 2017:

  • The North Trail #1896: Closed April 15 – June 15
  • Son of Middle Creek #2136: Closed April 15 – June 15
  • Paulie’s Plunge/Stone Creek #2349: Closed May 15 – June 20
  • Two Elk #2005, from the west entrance (approximately 1 mile up the trail) to the east end on the Vail Bike Path: Closed May 6 – June 30
  • Whiskey Creek #2348: Closed December 1 – June 20
  • Eastern Hillside #2347: Closed December 1 – June 20

The primary reasons for the trail closures are elk calving and migration. Spring is a sensitive time of year for pregnant and nursing females. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has determined that minimizing human disturbance with seasonal trail closures gives the animals time and space to nurse calves until they are strong enough to move with the herds.

Other partners such as Vail Resorts, Beaver Creek Ski Area, Eagle County, West Avon Preserve, and several municipalities have seasons for the trails they are responsible for. Please visit their websites to ensure you are hiking/riding on open trails during the sensitive spring season. Some spring trail closures are for wildlife and others are to protect the trail tread during mud season.

Muddy trail conditions are another important reason for seasonal closures. Riding, hiking, running or horseback-riding on muddy trails can cause significant damage to trails that can be difficult and expensive to repair.