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The mountain bike or MTB, is a type of bike designed for mountain or country trips. In Spanish, it is called off-road bicycle (BTT), or mountain bike, as it is known in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and other Latin American countries. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the ” beach bike ” frames were the basis for the newly developed mountain bike.

In the mid-70s, a group of enthusiasts in Marin County, California, began racing bikes by the firewall of the Mount Tamalpais in decline. A race that they called ” repack “, because the trip was so exhausting that cyclists had to repack their brakes with grease after each race.
The terrain downhill was rocky, and the rugged mountain helped runners reach high speeds, where they jumped and crashed into rocks and mud. These ill-treatment caused breaks in racing bicycles, so the riders sought a more durable and economical alternative.

They soon discovered the old carcachas (which they called Klunker), with 26 x 2,125 balloon tires that could be obtained for $ 5 at a garage sale and could withstand tremendous penalties. Cyclists were separating these relics, getting rid of heavy fenders and ornaments, as well as adapting motorcycle brakes and other gadgets to improve performance. A cyclist, Gary Fisher, added gear changes on his old Schwinn Excelsior bike, which allowed him to travel to the mountain, as well as lower it. Almost at the same time, another runner, Joe Breeze, began to fiddle with his own Schwinn Excelsior, adapting it more to the repack route. It should be mentioned that soon, both began to build and sell custom mountain bikes to other enthusiasts, the launch of a worldwide bicycle phenomenon.

In 1981, Californian Mike Sinyard, 3 founders of the Specialized brand, introduced the Stumpjumper, four, which was the first mass-produced mountain bike. The Stumpjumper was similar to expressly built mountain bikes, but at $ 750 (half the price)

The double suspension bicycle represents the most important advance of cycling in the twentieth century; since it provides cyclists with the possibility of arriving at places that were once considered inaccessible for said vehicle. Improving maneuverability and control in irregular terrain. Through it, new cycling modalities have appeared, bringing it closer to the field of extreme sports.

Upcoming Events

The XXXI World Mountain Cycling Championship will be held in two venues: cross-country competitions in the town of Albstadt ( Germany ) between June 26 and 28 and the downhill competitions in Leogang ( Austria ) between 5 and of September 6 of 2020 , under the organization of the International Cycling Union (UCI), the Union Cycliste German and Austrian Cycling Union.

Blessed Down Hill points to the 2020 World Cup

Finally, the most from Santísimo Down Hill is that it has born pilots within the organization. In addition, for 2018, it is confirmed that SDW will once again be part of the UCI Calendar (International Cycling Union) and even aims to be a World Cup for 2020. Great, right?